More than 300 000 orphans live in Cameroon, most of them on the streets. They are on their own and are struggling for their daily bread which often results in them becoming criminals.

Approx. 12 years ago many children lost their parents during an AIDS crisis. Sister Jane felt the urge to help these orphans. She travelled to the USA to raise money for her dream to open an orphanage. When she returned to Bamenda, the fourth largest city in Cameroon, she established the Good Shepherd Home in 2002. Good Shepherd Home is a refuge for all orphans, abandoned children and single mothers where they not only live but also receive love and the chance for education and training.

The attention of the Hero Textil AG was drawn to sister Jane's project by Larissa Mayer, a committed girl born in Crailsheim. Larissa spent her voluntary social year in Cameroon at the Good Shepherd Home in order to support the orphanage by working there. In the following section Christoph Ulrich describes what makes the Good Shepherd Home so special and what inspired him to help: “We are an international company and supply goods to customers in 42 countries all over the world. We consider it our obligation to support humans, in particular children, living in poorer countries. This particular project and the persons involved in are a great assurance that all the help ends up where it is most urgently needed.“

Thirteen years ago sister Jane started the orphanage with 3 small boys, meanwhile she looks after more than 150 children at any age. In Batibo, which is very close, there is a second Good Shepherd Home. There more than 50 children are looked after, and children who are disabled or HIV positive receive special care. Both orphanages depend on donations. In Cameroon the state does not support institutions such as orphanages. More and more of these institutions are closed down due to the lack of money. This is entirely different in the case of the Good Shepherd Home. Here they are even building a hospital right next to the orphanage. To appropriately further the education of the children a large school is to be built on the grounds.

The regular financial support of the Hero Textil AG is used to pay for food, clothes, school fees, school uniforms, books and administrative fees for primary school, secondary school and highschool fees. In addition to this, sustainable projects, such as the creation of fishing ponds and a chicken farm are supported. These projects are to provide a safe source of food and income.

The commitment of the Hero Textil AG will contribute to a future positive development of the Good Shepherd Home.