The connection between Hero Textil and the Good Shepherd Home, a loving place of refuge for currently 135 orphans and abandoned children in Cameroon, came into being through our former holiday worker Larissa. The young woman from Crailsheim found out about the orphanage, which is managed by Sister Jane, from an American friend in the course of her gap year volunteering in the social sector. And it has stayed on her mind since then. By now, we are feeling the same way.

We have been happy to support the orphanage since 2014 with regular donations.

We also performed work ourselves for the first time in the spring of 2019. At that time, our Head of HR, Anna Sophie Göggerle, travelled to the Good Shepherd Home. She obtained an understanding of the situation on site, joined the effort and enjoyed very much meeting Sister Jane and the children in person. Further visits of Hero Textil in Cameroon are being planned. What is important to us and of course to the Good Shepherd Home is that our sponsorship of the orphanage is for the long term.

We want to continue and expand it sustainably and steadily, so that Sister Jane in Cameroon can plan and work for the long term with our support.

What has already been accomplished with our support:

  • Renovation of the main building
  • Assuring the supply with clean drinking water
  • Purchase of a car for getting supplies and trips to the doctor
  • Purchase of beds and mattresses

“When Larissa first told me about her work at the Good Shepherd Home, I was deeply impressed. I considered it to be a unique opportunity to support an institution where someone I know personally contributes with their work. My wife Elke cared for Larissa and her sister when they were still babies. Later on, Larissa took a job at Hero Textil during her holidays. And now we help them with their commitment in Cameroon. She reports to us exactly where the money goes to and what it accomplishes. If we want to, we can even see for ourselves on site. It cannot be done any better.”

Christoph Ulrich, Managing Director of Hero Textil AG

SEAD e. V. helps people who help themselves

To make even better support possible for the Good Shepherd Home, the association SEAD e. V. was founded. Hero Textil is the main sponsor of the association that is managed by impressive young and dedicated people.
More information about SEAD, its projects and the possibility to support it with donations can be found at or on Instagram at sead_e.v

“The Good Shepherd Home is located in the English-speaking part of Cameroon. Because this area is trying to separate from the French-speaking part, there is a civil war going on. It is not normal that children can go to school here. It was all the better for me to see how this is nonetheless accomplished at the Good Shepherd Home and how our donations contribute to everyone being taken care of there.”

Anna Sophie Göggerle, Head of HR at Hero Textil AG