Dear customers and business partners,

All of us are faced with great challenges through the corona virus. At this time, one of the most important tasks of Hero Textil is to manufacture the urgently needed cuffs for the medical protection equipment of doctors and nurses.
This is why we are doing everything to maintain our production!

Every single one of us. We would like to use this email to inform you about what we are doing concretely and how it affects you.

We are producing in a 24/7 shift operation.
The heart of our company is our production line. It is currently practically running around the clock, in two completely autonomous shifts that do not come into any contact with each other.

We have therefore secured the supply with yarn for our production early on. For this purpose, we have stocked up our warehouse and obtained corresponding assurances from our suppliers.

In addition to our “normal” jobs, we are working from our homes and have moreover hired additional home workers so that the products urgently needed by the medical facilities can be delivered.

We deliver reliably.
Things are looking good: All delivery dates apply as confirmed by us unless they are cancelled. If delays in delivery should nonetheless occur later on, we will contact you immediately to find a mutual solution.

We can be reached at all times.
Our employees are in good health and working at full effort. So that this stays this way, we have switched to home office work wherever possible. This way, we continue to be or are even available more so now than ever through the usual channels by email or phone.

Our central phone number also continues to be answered by our staff.

Of course, we would like to avoid in-person visits to our company for your own and for our protection. We therefore hope for your understanding.

We have got this.
It is quite clear the case: The developments in the recent weeks are dramatic and there is still no end in sight. However, there is already some good news at this time already, which is solidarity among people is working.

And this is precisely why we are firmly convinced that if we act consistently now and pay great consideration to each other, the worst part will soon be behind us.

In this spirit: Please take care of yourselves, the people close to you and the people close to them!

Yours Christoph Ulrich,